The Populist Tirade.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that politics is broken. It seemingly does however, take a genius to fix it. In a perfected Utopia, politics should breed consensus and advocate for finding common ground. Yet I’m no Marx, and as beautiful as a Utopia may sound, it is simply untenable. But in an era undeniably forged by the sticky fingers of populism, political discussion has suffered as a result. The overarching reason for this is arguably that there is no such thing a dogmatic political spectrum anymore- populism has ripped it apart. Nowadays, someone can be politically categorised as: a ‘Remoaner’ or a ‘Brexiteer’. There are other spin-offs of these tags, but they’ll do for now.

Whether you’re a flip-flopping Lib Dem, an inconsiderate Tory; a sympathetic Lefty or a lost cloud of thought, we must all recognise that actually, political language is changing. I lust to hear ‘Tory twat’ being chanted by a well-meaning protester once again. Not because it’s particularly nice, but because it has a slightly funny ring to it. Nowadays it’s all Brexit related political jargon or abuse. And it’s bad for debating and exchanging ideas.

I’ll throw you a quick example. Owen Jones, the well-known political activist and Guardian journalist recently went to a Brexit Party rally, as he documented on YouTube. Initially, I was impressed by the reception he got. There was no abuse, or over-zealous shouting. There were ex-Labour voters in attendance, subtly reminding Jones of the Brexit mess. Fair enough. A group of young lads who yelped of the bias of their teachers pitched in with cameos. A seemingly pragmatic man who oozed class and persuasion had a dignified chat with Jones. But there’s always one that ruins the party. This gentleman made little sense, but he was in his prime- and no one dared to stop the blitz. Think Sunday League football- the drunk guy looking for a fight over a foul throw. He continued his confusing rant, getting more personal and intrusive, more threatening. He shows off his gleeful manliness- “stand still son” he barks. Ironic, considering he attempts to pet Owen as his dog, but shows the communicative ability of a jumpy canine. Other Brexit party supporters stand around and watch, but fail to intervene on such a clear attempt to make Owen feel uncomfortable. They enjoy the fact that someone that disagrees with Brexit is getting schooled. Childlike wooing goes on, a popular tirade begins to amount. This isn’t debate, I thought. This is bullying in all but name.

A bit of research astutely followed, and I found this man’s true political views aside from that fact that I knew he was a Brexit Party supporter. Read the tweet below.

How gay rights could be linked to Nazis is rather baffling, considering diversity in Nazi Germany constituted an evil which encouraged the mass murder of millions of innocent victims. There may well be elements of the LGBT activism that aren’t seeking to progress the equality message, and I am inclined to agree with more focussed campaigning to achieve equality. But this tweet is a remarkable example of what/who people may be accidentally endorsing. Would those Brexit Party supporters now woo this guy on, upon the context of his other political views? That’s the problem with labelling someone as a ‘Brexiteer’ or a ‘Remoaner’ because it confuses people that really shouldn’t be confused.

I want Brexit to happen, I really do. But it’s about getting the right voices to represent the greater good. That would greatly improve democracy, which is what we need now more than ever.

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