It seems that within the last few hours, Parliament is going to be suspended on advice to the Queen by the government. This idea isn’t new, but it seems as though a No Deal is the only way of exiting the EU by the October 31st deadline.

It’s a Constitutional Outrage if the reports are true.

John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons

There’s a bunch of reports blowing around at the moment, with outlets pushing contrasting versions of the story. While suspending Parliament to push through a No Deal would be true, there hasn’t been a Queen’s Speech for a while due to the Government’s insistence with dealing with Brexit first.

Some journalists have indeed pointed out that this announcement will urge the no deal MPs in the House of Commons to quicken the pace with their demands, effectively meaning that the next few days and weeks will be filled with pictures of Corbyn, Swinson; Soubry and others. The Queen’s speech is an opportunity for the government to lay out its annual legislative drive, outlining its main policies; and with a particularly barron run for legislation over the last two years, a Queen’s Speech is overdue. The circumstances are contentious; with conference season coming into the frame towards the end of September, it leaves a very narrow corridor for any Parliamentary motion against a no-deal.

Anger is absolutely just: Boris was indecisive in his plan over his leadership bid earlier this summer and having initially advocated a deal, it seems as though the EU have shown him the hard shoulder. This is the do or die part for the PM.

People may be inclined to view him as though he (Johnson) cares.

This approach could be a masterstroke in the long term: announce strong policy through the medium of the Queen’s Speech, Boris gains credibility through his vision. People may be inclined to view him as though he cares. We’ve seen him in hospitals, prisons and factories gearing up for a campaign. The Queen would announce new policy, and with virtually no majority in the House, Boris would be able to convince MPs that an election is what is needed. He’s been campaigning since taking office. This is his anticipated move. He’s got his party’s conference September fall, and he’d probably use that to ‘woo‘ the base.

Twitter is going bezerk. It’s everywhere. Just the chaotic publicity that Boris would’ve wanted.

Just to be clear, Prorogation is common. It is used to mark the end and the start of a new Parliamentary session. The Queen takes advice from the Privy Council before every session is closed by her in the Lords. The issue is, any Parliamentary ‘business’ or debates or even committee reports will be brought to an end, making way for the new session. Public bills (law which affects the whole country) can be dragged over with agreement. But, with October’s deadline looming, this is seen by many as a power play by the Government. The timing is a harsh reality of the political time we are living through.

This actioning is divisive, but a decisive move by the government. MPs who want to block no deal must get a move on, because time is running out. That is the government’s idea. The Speaker John Bercow has already intervened. He says that such an important decision of pursuing a no deal requires important debate within the House.

With a divided House already, opportunity for debate is thin. Johnson may have just pushed the inevitable but, Bercow is probably right. This seems to be rushed- it mustn’t be. It appears as though the ideological infighting over Brexit has come to fruition. Let the Hunger Games begin.

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