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On Face Value is a blog which recollects the most influential ideas of a generation, alongside tackling the biggest political issues of today.

In an age of misconception, this blog looks to find the people across the world that are making a difference and the issues that follow them.

In the  Spanish edition, it revises the most important people to the Hispanic culture and strives to find contemporary issues relevant it. It is very much a medium to practise my Spanish, but also to gain a wider understanding of the Hispanic world.

The blog is an opinion news site, providing an alternative coverage of politics, that doesn’t necessarily follow closely with the week’s news stories. The current affairs section is updated with pieces on the important issues that have been heavily debated.

The ‘long read’ section provides a more detailed and focused coverage of an important issue that I feel is important to talk about, or a topic which isn’t getting wide news coverage.

On occasion, other writers may contribute in their views to politics today.

This blog is self-run by me, Joshua Guillen, between my studies in the hope that I can expand my political knowledge in writing posts, which I hope are of intriguing content.

Kind regards,

Joshua Guillen


La edición española se encuentra las figuras más importantes sobre la cultura hispánica y el poder que tienen/tenían. Este blog es el producto del estudiante, Joshua Guillen, viviendo en el Reino Unido. Actualmente, está estudiando el español, la política y la ingles en colegio. Con raises de ambos México y España, Joshua tiene un diverso interés en la cultura hispánica y la gente que es imperativa en la comunidad hispánica.

La recolección de las figuras imprescindibles será el único contenido en español, por razones de tiempo, pero puedes encontrar un número de artículos ingleses para leer.

Gracias, Joshua.   

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